Created by --- Jill M. Lillard, MA LPC,
Licensed Professional 
Certified Couples Therapist with the world-renowned authority on relationships, the Gottman Institute

 An UPLIFTING + FRESH approach for Christian Wives who want to increase relationship satisfaction

 Learn a new way of looking at your marriage that will leave you feeling empowered, loving & confident.

Many Christian wives want to feel more connected, loved and loving. 

They might even aspire to the virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman who is “clothed with strength, dignity, and laughs without fear of the future.”  
However, no matter how hard they try to improve their marriage, these women find themselves in a cycle of despair and disappointment. 

The problem is, when wives think husbands should be acting differently than they are acting, they will feel disappointed. 

Furthermore, when they make his actions (or inactions) mean something about them, they feel hurt and unloved. 

💔 The SO-CALLED SOLUTION offered by many self help books and counselors is this--->    
Learn how to communicate or behave differently in order to better meet each other’s needs.

HOWEVER, The problem with an approach that relies on communication techniques and behavioral changes is:

  • It's difficult to change your actions without changing your mindset.
  • ​You end up complying to a set of rules rather than really connecting.  
  • This stance positions us to base our happiness on someone else’s behaviors, which makes us feel out of control, therefore we try to control, but we can’t and so we are frustrated and exhausted.

The REAL Solution is this…



  • Feeling calm, clear and empowered when you think about your marriage
  • Being present and connected to your own heart
  • Having a process to reset your relationship EVERYTIME things didn’t go as you hoped


  • Learn my Thought Captivating Process, an approach that will help you increase awareness, ownership and intentionality, creating easier conversations. 
  • Show up in your marriage in a way that honors your commitments, values and what is important to you. 
  • Take your relationship off autopilot and consciously decide what direction you are going with your marriage.
  • ​Stop wasting your energy on what you can’t control (your husband) and shift it to the 4 Things you CAN control (your thoughts, feelings, actions and results).
  • ​Embrace the areas of unmet desire or pain as your greatest assets so that you can persevere, grow in character and always have hope. 
  • ​Free up the energy you have been wasting on frustration and disappointment, so that you can begin the process of stepping into the fullness of who you are, simply love and experience being loved. 
  • ​Find peace with having a human relationship and quit expecting your marriage to be problem-free.


You have used the techniques of “I statements”, paraphrasing and validation, but it doesn’t feel genuine and maybe even a little like manipulation. 

You have told him your Love Language showed him your Enneagram, but he just can’t seem to remember what makes you feel loved.

You have tried The 3-minute Kiss, date nights and even planned a vacation, but none of those things solved the real problem.

A Solid Relationship Framework starts with 
My Three Pillars
Pillar #1: The Happy Marriage Mindset


What’s the secret?
A Solid Relationship Framework starts with 
My Three Pillars

Pillar #1: The Happy Marriage Mindset

You can: 
Continue as is, Quit, or Find A New Way. 
The Happy Marriage Mindset is that NEW Way. 


1. A new way to approach your marriage that will free up wasted energy.

2. A Study Vault that you can download as an App on your phone so that it's easy to access and use.

3. Simple + time effective lessons in video and written format to complete on your own schedule.

4. Reflection Questions to help you take the work deeper and apply it.

5. Pretty Printables of Scriptures, Prayers & The 5 Step Process.

Module 1: The Missing Piece to Your Difficult Conversation:

To create sustainable change, we must look below the surface. You will learn my Thought Capturing Process so you can intentionally choose your thoughts that help you take the actions you want to take. 

Module 2: How to Stop Being Disappointed in your Relationship:

In this module I help you shift your energy from frustrated + tired to a place where you feel more loved and loving. By doing this ONE thing you will create so much freedom. 

Module 3: The Happy Edge:

Because in every marriage there are two different perspectives of reality, when you marry someone, you marry a set of problems. Discover what some wives think about their marriage problems that give them the happy edge. 

Module 4: My personal 5 Step Process for Resetting Your Relationship:

Change always starts by examining our hearts and bringing everything into the light. Here I give you a simple process for resetting your relationship beginning at the place you currently are.  

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  • Bonus #1: 52 Intriguing + Fun Conversation Starters. A printable PDF so that you can create an opportunity for you and your husband to easily share and hit refresh on your Love Maps.  
  • Bonus #2: 100 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Connection. A printable PDF with suggestions of ways to build rituals of connection, take advantage of the significant mundane moments + ideas for fun date nights.
  • Bonus #3: Quick Recovery Worksheet to Process Failed Bids to Connect. When you make a bid to connect or things don’t go as you hoped, this worksheet can help you hit pause and process through the situation so you can decide how you want to move forward. (Printable PDF)
  • ​Bonus #4: How to Feel More Attracted to Your Husband: This printable PDF worksheet will help you increase feelings of fondness & admiration for your husband. 
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Actual Value is $297...Only $27 FOR A LIMITED TIME 

TAKE ADVANTAGE! New products are always available for a limited period of time at a discounted rate….Why? Because I want you to experience working with me and hopefully come back for more! I believe in this work and I want you to believe in it too!  

"I got so much from Jill’s videos! Very right on and easy to follow. The workbook is well done and organized. I’m very glad I took advantage of the course.”
~Kelly, participant the Happy Marriage Mindset

“I focused on a problem I’ve dealt with all our married life - this course was helpful and eye-opening.. I'm thinking of all my friends I want to share this program with!”
~ S.L

“Jill’s thoughts are short but very powerful. The questions are sooo good"
~Corinne, participant the Happy Marriage Mindset

Why Should You Trust Me?

  • I am a Licensed Professional and a Certified Couples Therapist with the world-renowned authority on relationships, the Gottman Institute. 
  • As a certified Life Coach, I use a results-oriented framework, equipping my clients with a process that is fresh + uplifting.
  • ​I am a wife and momma. Married 20 years, I intentionally apply these concepts to my own marriage.
  • ​I have been in the industry for 2 decades, consistently studying, evaluating and always looking for ways to make marital concepts easy to access and apply in real life.
  • ​I am a Believer and know that God mirrors His glory in all creation. What we are experiencing in our marriage is part of the greater picture. 
" I seriously cannot believe how much more I am enjoying my husband because of the work I have done. My relationship feels like it did 10 years ago. Thank you so much, Jill!"

--Cindy B., Online Course Participant
Hi, I am Jill Lillard, MA LPC

Bringing science and cutting-edge knowledge to my study of relationships, I am always looking for ways to serve my clients better. 

My formula is this: 

Brain Psychology + Biblical insight + The Art & Science of Love = Ridiculously Enjoyable Relationships.

Marriage has the capacity to bring out your best and worst. The question is, are you willing to do the heart work? 

If you have been wanting more, are tired of “as is” and want to make your life and marriage life-giving again, I am ready to help you!

Your greatest identity is in being a child of the King of kings. Knowing who and whose you are, allows you to love with freedom, expressing faith from a place of prolific love.

Sometimes we feel hurt, sad, tired and powerless in our marriage. We forget who we are and what we have. We try so hard to press on and be positive. We resist unwanted emotions, and before we know it we are totally disconnected from our own heart and life.

I have helped couples and individuals just like you move to a place of greater joy and peace with themselves and their spouses. I can’t wait to help you step into being the dearly loved wife you already are.

Words cannot express how enormously grateful I am for the help Jill has given me. She is amazing and powerful and generous to give. For the patience and spirit of God at work in her, I am in awe. I have come so far in my heart though I know there is still work to do. I am so hopeful and abiding more in joy than ever before. It's difficult to adequately express my gratitude to and for the work I have done coaching with Jill
-Kris Crawford, Coaching Client
How could I have known the impact that Jill would have on me, helping me find strength in the dark places? My life is immeasurably blessed because of the skills Jill taught me. Jill has made me acutely aware of how I identified myself and that my identity wasn’t being a victim or a woman scorned… But my identity is as a child of God who loves me more than I ever knew. She helped me see His faithfulness over my life.
-Kisha Brown, Coaching Client

When my life became seemingly hopeless, confused, consumed with guilt and denial, Jill provided the objectivity and clarity to allow me to find what seemed lost in a debilitating fog and toxic influences. She helped me to separate the wheat from the chaff. She is a gift.
 - Courtney Malone, Coaching Client
This is Right For You If...
  • You are tired of running on default negative emotion and relying on others to change.
  • You are committed to living your best life, which includes your best marriage. 
  • You are ready to step into your new identity. 
  • ​You are looking for an inspiring + new way to approach your marriage (not just complying to a rule book).
  • ​You value Biblical insight, and believe that God also gives us knowledge outside of the Bible (how to bake a cake, conduct a surgery, fix a car, approach a relationship).
  • ​You want a straightforward approach and concrete process to apply what you are learning.
I am a wife just like you. I understand the risk you feel when you decide to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.  

I am extremely proud of the products I create and I know that anyone who buys and implements them will be pleased with their purchase. 

That is why I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that your husband will change or that you will implement and practice the new mindset, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of this product. 

Of course, if you are not delighted with The Happy Marriage Mindset I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

FOR A LIMITED TIME during this product launch - Get THE HAPPY MARRIAGE MINDSET for just $27 
($297 actual value)

In relationships, there is no such thing as stagnant. Each day you are either GROWING or DYING. Today you can take a step to increase positive sentiments and good feelings regarding your marriage. 


What if I can’t commit to daily study and application?
Creating a better marriage is like eating healthy---you don’t need an all or nothing mentality. If this program helps you to start thinking about what you are thinking about--it will be worth the small price of $27. 
I have tried other books, programs and even counseling but have not made progress. How will this be different?
The Happy Marriage Mindset does not rely on another person cooperating with the changes you are making. You will be learning to take 100% responsibility for your happiness rather than giving that power to someone else.  
Taking responsibility for my relationship does not sound “uplifting”. Aren’t I just letting my husband off the hook?
With the right mindset taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and results can be fun and certainly empowering. Learning how to simply love your husband as he is, rather than as you wish him to be, will free up so much energy you have been wasting on feeling bad. When we allow our husband to be who he is, that does not mean we are agreeing with their behaviors. We are just freeing ourselves from the exhausting and fruitless work of resisting what we can’t control.
I feel like things have been bad for so long, how will this help?
The way we get out of a rut is by doing something different. Starting where you are and progressively leveling up is how you commit to growth.
If I am working on me and not changing my husband, what is the point of my relationship?
When we do this work we are free to turn toward our husband in a loving, supportive and relaxed manner that will feel good to us. Love always feels better. Showing up in your relationship without expectations allows you the gift of loving and being loved. 
How can I make sure I actually do this?
Your mini course can be added to your phone as an app, which will make it easy to use. The app will keep track of what lessons you have completed and will open new Modules as you progress. I have found having a regularly scheduled time for personal care (Bible Study, journaling, self development) keeps me accountable. Knowing my WHY for doing the work keeps me feeling committed. 

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